Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things to Do in Millburn-Short Hills During the Power Outage

After the unusually early snowstorm that hit much of New England and the East Coast, many of us in Millburn-Short Hills have been living in the dark. Even if your power has been restored, schools continue to be closed and many of us have been given a few days off. Today is the third day in a row that our kids have been home from school, and if you’ve found yourself feeling bored these past few days (or about to go insane), take advantage of what Millburn–Short Hills has to offer while the kids are off and you have some time on your hands.

Check Out a Matinee: In honor of the day(s) off, Millburn Cinema will be showing matinees of children’s movies as well as movies geared towards the adult generation throughout the week. Films being shown include Puss n’ Boots, The Might Macs, In Time and The Ides of March. The owner of the theater has been receiving a lot of calls from grateful parents. For show times, give Millburn Cinema a call or check out its website.

Go to the City: Although the trains have seen some heavy delays, they are still up and running. If you and/or your kids have the patience to wait, what could be better than a day at a Broadway matinee or a visit to a museum? Even the train ride itself could be some relief from these days without power!

Visit the Library: Whether it’s cold and rainy, snowing, or even a beautiful fall day, the library is a great place to go to sit back and relax. The library has been especially popular this week, as it is not only a place to read and find books, but it also has working Wi-Fi and outlets to charge your cell phone and other electronic devices.

Spend a Day at the Mall: The Mall at Short Hills is open! With the holiday season right around the corner, this may be the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your shopping. The mall is also a great place to visit if you’re in need of some down time. Stop by the mall to sit, eat, warm up and check out the “Arctic Wonderland and Enchanted Palace” ice exhibit.

Check Out a Museum: New Jersey has some great museums, so why not make this a learning experience? The Library Science Center in Jersey City and the Newark Museum in Newark are open for business and is each displaying some fun and educational exhibits.

In the midst of this massive power outage, make sure you are taking the proper precautions to stay safe. For future reference, here are some great tips for safe practices during a storm or power outage.

1. Don't wait for a power outage in to occur Millburn-Short Hills to realize you're in need of supplies. Make sure your house is appropriately stocked with items necessary to survive a power outage. Here are just a few:

-Extra Batteries
-Canned Goods
-Dry Food Mixes
-Bottled Water
-Seasoned Firewood
-Extra Blankets

2. Bundle up! Wear multiple layers of clothing to keep warm! It’s cold out there!

3. Pack an emergency bag. If a power outage strikes at 4AM, you don't want to be stumbling around in the dark trying to find items to pack a bag. You never know how long a power outage will last, so pack enough stuff for at least a couple of days.

4. Read a book, play a board game or spend time reminiscing with family and friends. You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun. Hopefully the next outage won't last longer than a few hours.

Stay positive and stay safe! With record breaking numbers of residences without power, this is surely an event that will go down in history. Despite the storm, Millburn-Short Hills real estate is still in full swing! For more updates on the Millburn-Short Hills real estate market and community, stay connected with my blog or contact me directly with questions.

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