Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maintaining your Short Hills, NJ home

There are many reasons people opt to become home owners. Maybe you bought your Short Hills, NJ home because you enjoy the location and want to stay here permanently or for a long time. Maybe you wanted the security of owning as you raise a family. Investing is usually a component of buying a home. If you don't pay attention to the maintenance of your Short Hills, NJ home, you are not properly protecting your investment. You could risk expensive repairs later that could be prevented by doing some basic tasks each year or so. Here is a list of eight quick things you can do to maintain your Short Hills, NJ home and keep your investment protected:

  1. Each year in late spring or early summer, check out the air conditioning. See if any small parts need to be repaired or replaced. Clean or replace the air filters.
  2. Each year before winter, check out your heating system in the same manner. Replace filters and vacuum ducts as necessary.
  3. Pressure wash your siding and wood porches or decks. This could be done every-other-year depending on the level of build-up. Keeping things very clean like this will not only make your home look better, it will also make the materials last longer.
  4. Check your roof for broken or missing shingles and gutter problems. Replace or reattach as necessary. Trim any tree branches touching the roof as they can cause problems later.
  5. Clean out your chimney and make sure there are no leaves, dead animals, nests, or other debris in there. If you have a fireplace, clean that. Make sure everything is properly ventilated and that screens are in place where needed.
  6. Check all smoke detectors are operable and replace batteries as needed. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher and make sure it's filled and in working order.
  7. Replace or patch screens in doors and windows. Replace broken panels of glass. Check to ensure windows are sealed properly and add caulk when necessary.
  8. Check faucets in bathrooms, utility rooms, the kitchen, and even outdoor spigots for leaks or other problems. Take care of small issues before they become larger.
Hopefully these simple tips help you better care for your Short Hills, NJ home. If you have any questions about home maintenance or buying or selling a Short Hills, NJ home, do not hesitate to contact me. Have a good week!

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