Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Buyer Wish List Includes Bells and Whistles

A new home buyer survey by the National Association of Home Builders reveals the home features, amenities and locations most coveted by today's buyers. While the survey isn't necessarily scientific, it's interesting to look at the sale points the survey revealed. Here are some examples, in random order!

1. Double sinks in the kitchen; a "prep sink" as well as a full, traditional sink.

2. Energy-star rated appliances.

3. Energy-efficient and convenient laundry facilities.

4. French doors.

5. Wireless home security systems.

6. Whole-house technology, allowing entertainment and utility controls in virtually every room.

7. Well-appointed bathrooms with both a tub and a shower stall.

Please keep in mind that this is a "wish list" and that home buyers are not necessarily willing to pay more for any of these features. But these are the "wow" factors that could influence buyers, potentially, to choose one home over another, according to the survey.

What turns off home buyers? Laminate counter tops.

The survey also indicated surprising results about location preferences. We've been hearing about "walkability" and "infill" development trends, but according to the survey, suburbia is alive and well:

  • 30% of buyers prefer close-in suburbs
  • 36% of buyers prefer to live in the outer suburbs
  • 27% would prefer rural living

What's out? Golf-course homes. Unless, of course, the buyers are avid golfers! Meanwhile, gated communities that offer walking and jogging trails, and amenities like pools and tennis courts, still hold buyer appeal.

What matters the least? If you can believe it...home size! According to the survey, home buyers would cheerfully take a smaller home over a larger one, if it had the upscale features they desired. They would also choose a home with energy efficiency, over one that is not efficient, even if the non-efficient home was less expensive.

Before you run out to the local home improvement store to invest in upgrades, talk to me first! If you are preparing to sell your Millburn-Short Hills home, you should obtain a comparative market analysis to find out your home's price range before you make improvements. I will also provide you with a net sheet to show your estimated sale proceeds, and I will counsel you on competitive marketing strategies.

 As your Millburn-Short Hills real estate professional, I will provide the expert guidance you need for a successful home sale!

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  1. We just started checking out some South Carolina real estate in preparation for shopping for our first home. I can attest that many of these features are in fact on our list!