Thursday, June 27, 2013

Declutter Your North Jersey Home For a Healthier, Calmer Life!

Anyone who has gone through the home-selling process before knows how stressful it can be if you start out with a cluttered, unorganized home. Likewise, moving can be a real hassle if you have an overabundance of stuff. As your Millburn-Short Hills real estate agent, I’d like to help you out!

As it turns out, clutter in the home has been scientifically proven to raise your stress levels year-round, according to HGTV. This is true of all homeowners, whether buying, selling, or just staying put. However, if you work toward a more organized, clutter-free home now, moving and staging your home to sell will be much easier down the road!

Here are some of the tips HGTV offers for living a healthier, calmer life in a more organized home:
  • Spend 15 minutes each day or night tidying up your home. This could be anything from straightening out throw pillows to wiping down kitchen countertops or washing and putting away the dishes. Create a time slot for this everyday so you keep up in a doable fashion!
  • If you don’t have a home office, create a small nook with a floating shelf and a small cabinet. This can be your “command center” for writing bills, taking phone messages, keeping a calendar, printing and storing files. That way, everything is organized in one place.
  • Stick with the basics in the kitchen. You don’t need all the latest and greatest gadgets and tools to be taking up space on your counters or in your cabinets. In fact, spend one day emptying the drawers and cabinets, and only put back what you use on a regular basis.
  • Use a shoe organizer in the bathroom. Hang it on a cabinet or closet door so that everything you need is easily accessible but not strewn on the counter or thrown into the cabinet. From nail polish, makeup and razors, to hair spray, curling irons and brushes, everything will have its own little nook!
  • Use bins in your closets and label what’s in each one. It’ll add storage space while still keeping things organized and categorized. You can use these bins for anything, from pajamas, bathing suits and workout clothes, to toys, shoes and books.
For more clutter-free cleaning tips, read the entire HGTV article here.

By incorporating these small changes into your household and everyday living habits, hopefully you’ll find yourself calmer and more organized at home and in life! And when you’re ready to sell your North Jersey home, or move to a new home, the job will be much easier.

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